Information and communication technology
Information and communication technology in EKS:

Software analysis:

۱٫    Benefiting from most powerful database of the world, Oracle Database 11g  (based on Windows Server 2003 64-bit)
۲٫    Benefiting from Oracle developer Suite 6i
۳٫    Support, develop and maintenance databases and integrative systems by software team
۴٫    Provide human resources module including personnel system, time and attendance system, payroll, mission, discipline and accord
۵٫    Provide financial modules including financial accounting system, fund management, and warehouse and property accounting system
۶٫    Provide engineering modules including product engineering system, process, maintenance and repair engineering
۷٫    Provide planning module including production planning and control system, materials planning systems, KOMAX, warehouse and good system
۸٫    Provide supply and procurement module including domestic purchase system, foreign purchase system and purchase contracts
۹٫    Provide sale module including sale and warehouse system
۱۰٫     Provide quality and general module including administrative automation system, general system, user management system, laboratory and hardware management system

Hardware and network:
۱٫    Using Active Directory, Domain Name Service, DHCP on local networks of the company for all factories (Pazhoohesh,  Pooyesh, Paiman, Pooya)
۲٫    Using Windows Service Update Server (WSUS) to upgrade available operating systems automatically
۳٫    Using System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to upgrade and maintain data of company hardware
۴٫    Having most advanced hardware to service and administer network including Super, HP, Micro and CISCO management switches
۵٫    Online Radio Connection between factories (Pazhoohesh,  Pooyesh, Paiman, Pooya) through Netstream and Redline, 36MB/s
۶٫    Using organizational portal by Sharepoint to provide Activity and Payroll and Property System report for all staff through internet
۷٫    Sharing software systems with suppliers through company website


۱٫    Having E-mail server to make a connection between companies, domestic and foreign organizations
۲٫    Using domestic E-mail server to have electronic post inside the organization
۳٫    Using ISA Server 2006 to share high speed internet connection and internet communication administration
۴٫    Having intranet to inform and develop electronic organization
۵٫    Using powerful Firewall to protect local network of the company
۶٫    Using CITRIX SERVER to access Distance Integration Systems

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