About Company

The history of manufacturing harness in the company goes back to 30 years ago in which harness have been manufactured in workshop of Reza Company. Electric Khodro Shargh Company (EKS) is a sister company of Iran Auto Parts Industrial Group (IAP) in which established on May 07, 1997 in compliance with independency policy and granting legal entity to companies affiliated to IAP.
In order to develop technology and technical knowledge and attend world wide market in third season of 2002, and manufacture harness under the license and also technical support, this company concluded a contract with Japanese Yazaki Corporation that is known as one of most major manufacturer of harness in the world. The company could reach to mass production and also export harness of Peugeot 206 in first season of 2003. At the present, this company produces multiplex harness to be used in production line of Peugeot in France and the company could satisfy the clients through on time delivery and high quality. The nature of the company changed from private joint stock to public on November 06, 2003 and entered Tehran exchange market in February of the same year. Although there are a lot of manufacturers in domestic market, EKS has 60% of market shares. Regarding the increase of capacity and automobile manufacturers and beside development of automobile industry in Iran, this company has increased its capacity to supply the required needs.

EKS has four production factories known as Pazhohesh, Pooya, Pooyesh and Paiman to manufacture specific harness. Only Pooya factory exports its products.

Pazhohesh factory:
Producing harness for following automobiles:
All harness of Samand (Iranian National Automobile)
Harness of Peugeot 405, ROA, Paykan (pickup)

Pooyesh factory:
Producer of all automobiles that are manufactured by SAIPA Co typically Pride, lorry
Different types of Pride and lorry (141, 132 and 111)

Paiman factory:
All products having produced in the above-mentioned company are assembled in this factory.
This company has 20 assembly lines and different contractors.

Pooya factory:
This factory acts under license of Yazaki Corporation of Japan and produces harnesss for the following automobiles:
Different types of Peugeot 206
B58 harness for export of Picasso automobile that is manufactured and assembled in Spain.